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2015 Kimmy Smit

Dosimetry for the MR-linac


In this thesis we have shown that reference dosimetry in the MR-linac
is possible using an air filled ionization chamber. The dosimetry protocol
is something that will need to be addressed in the future. For relative
dosimetry there are several different methods. Many of these methods use
their own specialized equipment. The magnetic field must be taken into
account, e.g. during the equipment selection and the actual measurement
procedure. But for all types of required dosimetry measurements, there is
a magnetic field compatible option that can be used. Therefore, the magnetic
field does not limit the standard dosimetry measurements options.
Irradiating through the structures in the closed bore MRI scanner does
influence the beam, but these can be accounted for in the beam model of
the MR linac.
We expect that the future work wil expand on different devices in the MRlinac
and also defining the procedures and requirements for the dosimetry
and on-line QA in the MR-linac.



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