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General: Vacancies Medical Physics

At the Radiotherapy Department of the UMC Utrecht more then 25 physicists, are working. Eight physicists work as staff members clinical physics, 5 are in training to become a clinical physicist (resident positions), the others are still in the PhD phase or are on scientific tracks and work as postdoc. Typically students do their Masters in Physics, Biomedical Technology or at our own BIS (Biomedical Imaging Sciences, After their Masters they start a PhD in Clinical Physics. This PhD gives access to postdoc positions and staff functions at the University, but also this PhD gives access to the training as a clinical physicist (See www site of the Dutch Society of Clinical Physicists, and thus to staff functions at various hospitals. As a major training site for clinical physicists it is our clear policy to give precedence to postdocs for the training/resident positions in clinical physics, making a PhD a prerequisite for a staff position in clinical physics.