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Medical Physicist

Student research projects in medical physics


Dr. B. van Asselen (b.vanasselen[at]


The department of radiotherapy offers research opportunities for undergraduate students from a wide range of backgrounds, such as (applied) physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering and medical natural sciences.

Various research projects are available in all research groups of the department. Examples of research topics are the development of an accelerator with integrated MRI functionality, characterization of the tumor using (functional) imaging and coil design for the 7 Tesla MRI facility. More information is available elsewhere on the webpage. For a general overview, students can also attend our annual symposium on medical physics for students.

The department doesn’t provide a list of available topics since this is continuously changing and depends on several factors such as available time and of the student’s background. If specific projects are available for students, they will be described separately. Recent students projects which were performed at our department are listed below.


Student who are interested in participating in an undergraduate research project can contact Dr. Bram van Asselen for currently available projects.

Examples of recent student projects:

  • Skadi van der Meer: “Improved patient positioning and immobilization using an individual head support in combination with CBCT guidance in head-and-neck cancer patients” (2009); master program Biomedical Image Sciences Utrecht University
  • Nienke Holtzer: “Reduction of respiratory liver motion using a mini-corset quantified with Cine-MRI” (2009); master program Medical Natural Sciences VU Amsterdam.
  • Leo Dijksta: “Online MRI guidance for boosting pelvic lymph node metastases in patients with cervical cancer: an IMRT planning study “ (2009); master program Biomedical Image Sciences Utrecht University
  • Alessandro Sbrizzi: ”Design of Radiofrequency Pulses for Parallel Transmit Systems at High-field MRI” (2009), master program Scientific Computing University Utrecht
  • Anna Andreychenko: “Travelling wave 7T MR imaging of the prostate” (2009); master program Natural Sciences Radboud University Nijmegen.