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Research projects for medical students


Dr. M. van Vulpen (m.vanvulpen[at]


The department of radiotherapy offers research opportunities for undergraduate students from a wide range of backgrounds, such as (applied) physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering and medical natural sciences.

Various research projects are available in all research groups of the department. Examples of research topics are the evaluation of clinical outcome after external beam radiotherapy or brachytherapy, development of an accelerator with integrated MRI functionality, local boosting of the tumor using (functional) imaging and the detection of local recurrences using MRI and focal salvage. More information is available elsewhere on the webpage.

The department doesn’t provide a list of available topics since this is continuously changing and depends on several factors such as available time and of the student’s background. If specific projects are available for students, they will be described separately. Recent student projects which were performed at our department are listed below.


Students who are interested in participating in a clinical undergraduate research project can contact Dr. Marco van Vulpen for currently available projects.

Examples of recent student projects:

  • Ellen Roeloffzen: “Detailed segmental prostate dosimetry and anatomy and the risk of acute urinary retention after I-125 prostate brachytherapy.” (2009); master program Biomedical Image Sciences Utrecht University
  • Karel Hinnen: “Comparison of long term clinical outcome after I-125 brachytherapy for patients aged above and below 60 years.” (2009); master program Medical Natural Sciences VU Amsterdam.
  • Max Peeters: “The clinical evaluation of DCE-MRI based focal salvage for prostate cancer “ (2009); master program Biomedical Image Sciences Utrecht University
  • Maaike Moman: ” Feasibility, toxicity and quality of life of transperineal implantation of fiducial gold markers in the prostate for position verification in external beam radiotherapy.” (2009), Medical trainee, Utrecht University
  • Mareije Visscher: ” Intra-operative prostate edema after I-125 brachytherapy.” (2009), Medical trainee, Utrecht University