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Berg, Nico van den

Dr. Ir. C.A.T. van den Berg


berg_nvdDepartment of Radiotherapy
University Medical Center Utrecht
PO Box 85500
3508 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 88 75 57209
Fax. +31 88 75 55850
Mail: c.a.t.vandenberg[at]

Nico (C.A.T.) van den Berg (born 1975) studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente. From 2002 to 2006 he performed his PhD on “Radiofrequency field in hyperthermia and MRI” at the department of Radiotherapy at the UMCU. In 2008 he was appointed as an assistant professor in the Imaging division of the UMCU. He is the (co) author of 29 peer reviewed papers. His main research themes are RF transmit design and RF safety of ultra high field body MRI (17 papers) and the development of MR imaging for oncology (12 papers). He has been a pioneer in the recent development of travelling wave MR imaging and RF multi-transmit for high field MRI. In 2009 he received a prestigious, personal VENI grant for talented researchers to develop new RF transmit concepts for high field body MR imaging. He is project leader on two ZonMW projects and heads a research group consisting of 5 PhD students and 3 postdocs. He is senior member on the imaging group of the department of Radiotherapy overlooking the development of (functional) MR imaging techniques for various cancers and fast, volumetric image tracking of organ motions during MR-Linac radiation treatment.