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Glitzner, Markus

Dipl. Ing. Markus Glitzner, PhD

Department of Radiotherapy
University Medical Center Utrecht
PO Box 85500
3508 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 88 75 57209
Fax. +31 88 75 55850

Markus Glitzner obtained his Master's degree from Graz University of Technology, Austria with focus on Bioimaging and -instrumentation. During his Master thesis within Philips, Eindhoven, he dealt with high-speed spectroscopic MR-imaging sequences, detecting 19F-compounds in- and ex-vivo.
Fascinated about MRI-guided radiotherapy, he started his PhD within the MR-linac project at University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands. The results of his research are presented in his dissertation "Motion compensation for MRI-guided radiotherapyā€¯.

He continues his research and development around the MRI-linac project as a computer scientist within the department of radiotherapy. His research focus is on real-time control and real-time image acquisition.