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Lier, Astrid van

Dr. Ir. Astrid van Lier


lier_avDepartment of Radiotherapy
University Medical Center Utrecht
PO Box 85500
3508 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 88 75 50284
Fax. +31 88 75 55850
Mail: a.l.h.m.w.vanlier[at]

Astrid van Lier is a Medical Physicist Radiotherapy specialized in MRI. She is enthusiastic about the many different contrast mechanisms MRI has to offer and likes to bring those into radiotherapy clinic. Her current focus is on tumours located in the thorax and in the pelvis.

Astrid has a background in Biomedical Engineering (University of Twente). During her PhD (Utrecht University/UMC Utrecht) she co-developed a contrast mechanism called Electrical Properties Tomography (EPT) which enables visualization of the dielectric properties in the body. These properties can be used for tumour visualization but also for hyperthermia treatment planning and electromagnetic safety simulations. After her PhD she worked as a postdoctoral researcher and later as a PhD supervisor on treatment response monitoring in oesophageal cancer using MRI and the further development of EPT. In the meanwhile she was trained as a Medical Physicist.