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Philippens, Marielle

Dr. Ir. M.E.P. Philippens


philippens_mDepartment of Radiotherapy
University Medical Center Utrecht
HP: Q00.311
Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 88 75 53188
Fax: +31 88 75 55850

Marielle Philippens graduated in Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University in 1990 and received her MD degree from the Radboud University in 1999. In 2000, she obtained a research position at the department of Radiation Oncology of the Radboud UMC in Nijmegen and later as a trainee in medical physics. In 2008, she obtained her Ph.D. at the Radboud University and was registered as a medical physicist. The subject of her Ph.D. thesis was radiation tolerance in the rat spinal cord studied with mathematical modeling and MR imaging. She has been employed at the department of Radiation Oncology at the UMC Utrecht as a radiobiologist and medical physicist with focus on MRI physics, since 2008.
Her main research interest is functional imaging for oncology in head and neck, prostate, rectal and breast cancer with focus on diffusion weighted MRI. She holds a research grant of the dutch cancer society on diffusion weighted MRI in head and neck.