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Wolthaus, Jochem

Dr.Ir. J. Wolthaus

Department of Radiotherapy
University Medical Center Utrecht
PO Box 85500
3508 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 88 75 57157
Fax. +31 88 75 55850
Mail: j.wolthaus[at]

Jochem Wolthaus received his master’s degree in Applied Physics at the University of Technology in Delft (2002). He performed his master thesis project at the NKI-AVL in Amsterdam on the topic of image registration of lung cancer patients for set-up verification. This project continued in a broader PhD project entitled “Four-dimensional imaging in radiotherapy for lung cancer patients” (2009). After his PhD he started his residency in Medical Physics at the radiotherapy department of the University Medical Center Utrecht. Since 2012 Jochem is a staff member and responsible for the QA of the conventional linacs as well as the MR-Linac which is currently under development and clinically released soon. His professional interests are linac QA, film, QA detectors/devices, image and data processing and analysis, and software development.